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The HILTON HOLLIS brand was conceptualized over 19 years ago in the City of New York.  With the classic sensibility and modern approach HILTON is known for, the collection has withstood the test of time. Each season has unique fabrications, sophisticated prints, lavish colors and architectural seaming that are the hallmark of HILTON HOLLIS.
Fabrications range from polished cotton to ornate jacquards that are sourced around the globe, but are primarily of Italian, French and Spanish origin.  Prints are from, what HILTON describes as, “happy places” like Como, Barcelona and the South of France. The tailoring and construction of each garment is critical to the brands success and HILTON HOLLIS partners with manufacturers in Portugal, Italy, Hong Kong and the United States to achieve this.
The brand continues to evolve as society does. Offerings include everything from a cozy weekend sweater, a tailored-to-perfection suit or a fanciful cocktail dress. This diversity in design designates HILTON HOLLIS as a true lifestyle brand that consists of timeless modern classics.

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